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The New Issue of Res Rhetorica

Rhetoric in Spain

The history of rhetoric in Spain, the main directions of contemporary research, rhetorical analyses of selected communication phenomena – all of these can be found in the latest issue of our journal. The editor of the issue are Narcis Iglesias and Maria Załęska. You may access the articles from the journal’s website

Conference: Rhetoric of Advice. Call for Papers

17-18 November 2016

Polish Rhetoric Society together with the Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Rhetoric Pro Rhetoric at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences are pleased to announce the 15th Conference of Polish Rhetoric Society entitled the Rhetoric of Advice, which will take place on 17-18 November 2016 (Thursday-Friday) in Warsaw.

Social contacts have always required making choices. These choices have been influenced by many factors, depending on the methods of conveying information, social needs, the state of knowledge, etc. characteristic of the era. Observing the evolution of the ways of exerting influence, we can see the transition from the domination of the “hard” means (orders, prohibitions) to the predominance of the “soft” means (advice, tips and suggestions). Paradoxically, the “soft” means are not at all weak; sometimes they work through the actual freedom to choose from a variety of proposals, but sometimes this freedom turns out to be illusory.

Many centuries of rhetorical reflection have led to distinguishing a variety of rhetorical devices (in antiquity considered mainly within genus deliberativum) used in various forms of advice and instructions.

We invite papers on the following topics, in which – according to the PRS conference tradition – the rhetorical concepts shall be appropriately emphasized:

1. The patterns of giving advice in terms of historical-cultural and literary contexts (in different languages, in different historical periods, in different sociolinguistic contexts).

2. A typology of contexts of giving advice (advice within the institutions; advice on social media forums; friendly advice, etc.) as well as rhetorical expressions of this diversity.

3. Professionalization of advice-giving process (in the past centuries: political writer, renaissance teacher, confessor-preacher; nowadays: advisor, expert, trainer, coach, specialist, etc.) and its rhetorical manifestations.

4. Genres of advice-giving statements from the rhetorical perspective (in the past centuries: the moralistic treaties, “mirrors,” proverbs, maxims; nowadays: book-guides, “how-to” articles, question-answer patterns, adverts, websites and online forums, blogs and vlogs).

5. The specificity of rhetorical devices used in the advice with the focus on the patterns of interaction (eg. advice given on advisor’s own initiative, advice on the request of the party concerned).

6. The specificity of rhetorical devices used in the advice with the focus on the participants: the advisor (authority figure, expert, specialist-amateur, coach, celebrity, “ordinary man” etc.) and the recipient (eg. in the advice addressed to women or men, novices or experts, mothers, fathers, young people, priests)

7. The specificity of rhetorical devices used in the advice with the focus on the topic of advice (eg. advice on health, appearance, lifestyle, personal decision-making, choice of goods and services, vocational guidance).

The Scientific-Organizing Committee

Prof. Maria Załęska

Prof. Joanna Partyka, prof. IBL PAN

Secretary of the Conference:

Dr Małgorzata Trębska

Important dates

1st October 2016 deadline for abstract submissions (Polish or English, 20 min. presentation + 10 min discussion) via a form at www.retoryka.edu.pl In the proposals, please highlight the rhetorical aspects of the issue

7th October 2016 notification of acceptance

23rd October 2016 registration deadline. To register you need to pay a conference fee (includes conference materials, lunches and coffee breaks, and partial funding of a publication). Cost: PRS members with a full-year membership subscription paid by 31st March – 200 zł; non-PRS members – 350 zł). Presenters are included in the program only when their payment is confirmed

15th January 2017 deadline for full-length manuscripts to be published in a peer-reviewed monograph (paper and e-book formats). Please send it to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The publication of the text in a monograph will be determined by positive reviews.

Conference venue: Warsaw, The Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Nowy Świat 72.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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